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Here's a really rare machine – I believe only one other exists in a Leeds museum.
It’s the Winter lock-stitch machine from the late 1850s. Simply remarkable condition, but let’s get the small piece of bad news over first.
A casting extension just above the hand crank to the right which carried the spool holder had broken off sometime in the last 170 years or so. Otherwise we have a totally complete and original machine. Even its finish has made it through intact.
The mechanism is an interesting cam arrangement on a direct shaft from the flywheel. Amazingly the machine still has its original shuttle and bobbin.
Winter was a machinist operating from Leeds who made a good number of machines over the years and the first advertisement that can be found dates to 1861. It looks like he continued in business for around a decade, making mostly heavy industrial treadle machines.
There was a picture of the Leeds museum machine on the Internet some time ago but, sadly, this has disappeared.

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