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Here’s a machine I’d love to pin down. I’ve had it for many years and simply haven’t had the time to do a thorough research job.
It certainly has the touch of a Wanzer about it, but nothing like this ever appeared in the Company’s catalogues.
The main oddball feature here is the needle – check it out. Yes, it’s that 6-inch/15cm rod sitting in front of the machine in the first picture.
It’s a needle bar and needle all in one, with a slot in the bar which a lever in the sewing machine head operates, to give a reciprocating motion.
Replacing the needle is a matter of sliding across the nickel-plated face of the head and aligning the slot in the needle with the lever, and then sliding back the plate to secure everything ready for sewing.
Overall the green red and gold decoration is pretty fair but please note the missing paint around the rim of the stitch plate and at the base of the machine at the rear.
Any ideas on pinning down the maker would be appreciated. I can’t think of any maker who used this strange lever system to operate the needle.

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