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With most manufacturers, researching the history of the company is hard work, with very few Internet references and many of these inaccurate and just lifted from other suspected sites.
However, with the Starley-made models there’s almost an embarrassment of information. Not really from James Starley’s contribution to the sewing-machine market, but really because of his invention of the safety bicycle.
But we’re here to talk about sewing machines and this head is in fine condition and, coming from the late 1860s, must be one, if not the first, freearm machines produced.
The shuttle, of course, runs in line with the frame.
Starley’s company, the Coventry Machinists, called this model The European machine and registered the trademark of Lady Godiva on her horse – that’s her in the red circle in the pictures. The machine was available as a treadle and as a hand-crank, with the head mounted on a board with a simple outrigger driving wheel.
For a definitive history of Starley, please check here: https://tinyurl.com/y7jhh63r

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