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Treadle Top Organ

This must be the ultimate sewing machine collector’s go-with, a paper-roll organ specially designed to be operated by a sewing-machine treadle.
The idea came from the Dulciphone Company who built the instrument specifically so a sewing-machine head could be removed from the treadle and the belt simply slipped over the drive pulley of the instrument.
The Dulciphone name is on the label but has faded with time -- possible to read but impossible to photograph.
I've tested the organ and it plays well. Certainly all original except for the small wooden roller that sits on top of the paper as it approaches the vents. This appears to have been replaced with a black plastic rod. Makes no difference to the organ's operation, but you might want to relace it with something more original.
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There are 12 paper rolls (11 with spindles). Of these, three are in perfect playing condition
Marching Through Georgia, Oh Dem Golden Slippers and Grandfather's Clock.
Of the other nine, most need some paper repair-- I'm told masking tape is ideal.
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