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Now I’ve called this machine the Moldacot mystery and let me explain why.
The much-hyped miniature sewing machine called the Moldacot first burst onto the scene in 1886. However, within a few years, it was obvious that the machine was not a practical proposition, but this was after many shareholders had lost their investments.
We have the only Moldacot that I’ve seen without a name on the plate beneath the stitch plate. I first wondered if this could be a prototype, but that doesn’t make sense because the early machines had a squared-off plate at the bottom, quickly changed after it was found that the operator could be stabbed by the needle which extended beyond the plate.
The plate has not been modified to eradicate the name – that was one theory – as the machines were sold off after a bankruptcy hearing and removing the Moldacot name might have helped a sale. But, clearly, what we have here is an original plate with no marking at all.
And, just to add to the confusion, the machine came in a Moldacot-branded metal box the like of which has not been seen before or since – a much-deeper box than the standard model, allowing the machine to be put into it without dismantling, as was necessary with the normal container.
And the really big difference is that unlike any other Moldacot I've ever seen , it had an underfeed rather than the top feed walking foot on all others.
You can read an authoritative history of the Moldacot here: https://tinyurl.com/yavsag9o
It’s been discovered that Moldacots were made in Germany at in at least two factories in England. Normally the country of origin is stamped on the plate but, again, on this machine it’s blank, so we have no clues as to where the machine was made.

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