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At the time this Moldacot was found in the 1990s it was the earliest numbered model in existence and led a survey conducted by ISMACS (the International Sewing Machine Collector’s Society). Since then I believe one earlier model has come to light.
The early models can easily be identified by the squared-off plate carrying the name of the Company. This was quickly revised when it was found that the needle could extend below the plate, stabbing the operator who was attempting to guide material under the needle.
These ultra-small machines from 1886 were the subject of perhaps the biggest scam in the history of the sewing-machine industry.
A full account of the sad business can be found: https://tinyurl.com/yavsag9o
This machine is totally complete, comes with its needle-setting gauge, shuttle and bobbin and is housed in its original ultra-rare cardboard box.

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