A “pusher” model Moldacot operated by pushing down on the top rod.
Please check out the back of the machine, you will not see any extra holes for a crank assembly.
Sadly, many incomplete hand-crank models are sold as “pusher” machines but the existance of holes for the crank assembly is the big giveaway.
This machine carries the slogan Patent London and was probably built by the Bown engineering Company in Birmingham.
It is complete, of course, with its miniature bobbin and shuttle and also has the original screwdriver, bobbin tweezers and a pack of five Moldacot needles.
Don’t expect any great sewing performance from these. When they were made, they were castigated in the sewing machine Trade Press and it was later revealed that the entire set-up of the Company, the production and the shares sold amounted to little more than a scam.
For a full history of the Company, please see here: https://tinyurl.com/yavsag9o.
We have a great-condition original green tin with the sewing instructions screen-printed inside the lid.

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