Charles Tiot Judkins was born in America but came to England with a view to making his fortune in the sewing-machine business.
Judkins first came to the attention of the British sewing machine industry in quite a big way at the Great Exhibition in 1851, showing a machine made by the Lancashire engineering company, Platt Brothers.
This was virtually a copy of an existing Grover & Baker machine but, in 1865, he decided to produce his own models and filed a patent in Britain, although this was remarkably like that of Charles Raymond’s looper design which had been granted in America a couple of years earlier.
This machine is a result of that patent, being a form of New England/Raymond machine, but with a few peculiarities to distinguish it.
It’s all a little bit strange and the whole peculiar business is gone into in great detail by historian Graham Forsdyke – link here:
Whatever the legitimacy or otherwise of the business, what we have here is a superbly surviving machine, totally complete and guaranteed original.

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