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It’s nice to be able to pin down the dating a little on earlier machines and that’s possible with this model.
The Imperial Sewing Machine Company was formed in 1873 by Joseph Harris and John Judson. They produced this superb Challenge machine until 1877 when the Company was bought out by the Royal Sewing Machine Co.
Please check out the pictures. The machine is absolutely superb. Amazing that something should exist in this condition after around 150 years.
Of course, it’s complete and has its shuttle, bobbin, etc.
For more on the Company and another example of this model, please check here:
This machine has a superb example of the “diamond” design registration mark in that the design was registered in 1871. For more information on checking design dates, please see here: https://tinyurl.com/ycd77m2y
The machine comes with its original wooden case which carries the remains of a directions sheet pasted inside.

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