Before teaming up with Willcox to produce the world-beating chain-stitch Willcox & Gibbs machine, Edward Allen Gibbs produced his own model, a couple of which have survived from the 1850s.
Gibbs himself has his own Wikipedia entry here:
And is dealt with on the ISMACS site here:

And within the Grace Rogers Cooper book on page 45 here:
Now the machine is not totally complete. Main missing part is the small wheel with its pin that sits on the wheel end of the top rocking shaft. It's gone walkabout, as has the handle crank and a couple of smaller parts.
For its age – and we are talking the 1850s here – the machine is in superb decorative condition and well worth a few of hours of machinist time to complete.
For a Willcox & Gibbs chain-stitch fan it would be tough to pass this one.

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