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There can’t be many sewing machines which had three totally separate methods of driving them.
The Avrial Legat French machine from the 1890s, also known as “La Populaire”, was unique in this respect.
Most folk who check out YouTube will have seen the videos of the Legats in operation:
But even the owners of these apparently didn’t realise there was a third method of operating in addition to the cranked wheel and the hand pump.
The Legat was also designed to be foot operated via a strap or string and a simple pivoting pedal.
This super-rare arrangement comes with this machine which also has the highly desirable cast-iron base which made it much more stable when in use, plus the original clamp to hold the machine to the table whilst the “treadle” was in action
The machine has survived the past century and a quarter extremely well with great decals the paintwork.
Don’t you just love those exposed brass bevel gears?

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