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As far as I'm aware this is the only Wallace Ash machine in existance.
It obviously owes a lot to the iconic Newton Willson Princess of Wales machine and is probably the result of a special order to Wilson by the mysterious Wallace Ash
He was probably the same Wallace Ash listed in the late 1800s as a Plymouth sewing machine retailer. His dealer stamp has been seen on other machines including Cookson and Jones but it is believed that the modified Princess of Wales machine is the only one made to his own design
Top half is pure Princess of Wales but the base is a highly-intricate fern-leaf casting featuring Ash's name and, on each corner, instead of the Prince of Wales feathers, a cherub laying in the arc of a new moon with a large star above. Possibly a nativity connection. It also uses a separate geared wheel within the handwheel to wind bobbins.
It's likely that the base was made at Newton Willson's St George's Foundry in Birmingham
The machine is totally complete and original with 90+percent of the original gold-leaf decoration remaining.

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