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To antique-sewing-machine collectors everywhere
I’ve long believed we never actually own antiques but that we simply take care of them for a while then pass them on.
So, the time has come for my collection, built up over nearly half a century, to find new homes where they can continue to be enjoyed and admired.
Please click and enjoy the hundreds of pictures of old sewing machines, both domestic and early toys and miniatures.
Many are extremely rare and some even unique; others are more common but the best condition I’ve ever found. I always said I was my own best customer and kept the best of the best.
Finding them has been a labour of love. It’s been a hobby, a career and an adventure that has taken me to many countries and brought many friends across the world.
Descriptions are brief and we haven’t included many sizes, etc, so if you have questions, just get in touch.
And if you see something that says: “take me home”, happy to hear from you.
Most are to be offered on eBay over the coming months.
Contact Maggie to be notified of sale dates and for any queries.

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